reminded anew

barely a week had gone into the new year, and i am reminded anew of the brevity of life — how short and uncertain (indeed) life is — by the passing away — the death — of a loved one.  a cousin of jane, my wife, died yesterday of a heart attack.  he was 64 years old.  by biblical standards, he had almost reached the divinely prescribed limit — 70 years.

we do not bother (at all) that, statistically, thousands die every single day… one hundred and fifty thousand people die every single day!  but we only think of death and dying either when tragedy or calamity strikes, and a whole lot of souls are summarily delivered over to the grave, or — as in this case — when it comes lumbering near our doorsteps.

can we — or rather, should we — prepare for death?  we should… and we can.  but can we escape death?  no!  then the next best thing — since we can neither escape, avoid, nor evade death — is to prepare for its coming, its arrival.

only one thing can prepare the soul for death — to be in jesus christ, “to be found in him, not having a righteousness of my own, which is of works, but that which is of faith, a righteousness from God through faith in jesus christ.”  O, to die in the Lord.


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