writing out my thoughts

depression — feeling down — is a malaise of the spirit that isn’t easy to shake off.  it affects the motivation of the mind and saps away any strength of purpose or drive one has.

bob’s mind goes blank whenever he is under the influence of depression.  his mind doesn’t want to think of anything.  his eyes often just stare blankly into empty space, without a meaningful thought or a purpose to move or be active.

the resulting inactivity causes bob to get more depressed.  his mind further loses motivation and purpose; leading to further inactivity.  it becomes a vicious cycle, a downward spiral — though in bob’s case, it hasn’t reached a tailspin dive into hard concrete.  if only my mind can stop thinking of those things that bring me down! — he says.

a certain vague dissatisfaction gnaws inside his gut; as if wanting to break out and scream — a feeling bottled up inside.

it is taken for granted that bob prays.  he does — he is a christian.  but prayer is not the solution to depression; though (he believes) it is a means to find the solution.

picking up work that needs to be done — however routinely — helps distract the mind from morbid introspection.  it helps bob’s mind focus on something else other than its own miserable condition.

exercise in the form of a sporting activity also helps ease bob’s mind of depressing thoughts; listening to music — rock music — sometimes also does.

family and friends — their love, humour, and mere candour — refreshes bob’s mind out of its miseries… sometimes.

i told bob, writing out my thoughts helps.

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