prove it!


here’s how (i suppose) it all went down…

eve took of the fruit and ate.

suddenly, an overwhelming feeling came upon her — a chill.  she felt exposed and withdrew herself into a squat, her back towards adam.

“what’s wrong?” asked adam.
“nothing,” answered eve.

“are you sure?  you don’t look okay.”
“it’s nothing, really…”

“okay, if you say so,” said adam, “but i’m right here if you need me, just holler, okay?”

eve gives a loud sigh, drops her jaw, stares at the ground, and shakes hear head.

“alright, what is it?  what is it you’re not telling me?  obviously something’s bothering you.”
“i really don’t want to talk about it,” eve replied, “not right now.”

“i insist!”
“fine!  i ate the fruit!”

“wha-?  you ate the fruit?” adam replied.
“that’s what i just told you,” answered eve, “do you have to repeat everything i say?”

“yes, i know, i’m sorry,” adam answered, “we should tell father about it.”
“go ahead!”
eve glares at adam.

“what will happen to you now?” asked adam, “you will die, oh no!”
“to me???” asked eve, “thanks a lot!”

“what am i gonna do?”  adam was visibly perplexed.
“it’s really your decision,”  eve said.

“it’s okay,” eve added, “do you love me?”

adam was long silent, trying to wrap his head around what had just happened.
“see!  why can’t you answer me?” 

“you don’t love me!” eve starts to cry.
“you know i love you,” adam replied, putting his arms on eve’s shoulders.

“prove it!”

and eve gave the fruit to her husband with her, and he ate.

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