the promise of life eternal

death is a disintegration; a dissolution of the principle of life that holds it together.  it is most unnatural; but it is the result of a necessary response of God to the evil of sin.

spiritual death is the dissolution of the principle of spiritual life that holds our human spirit intact, that is, the dissolution of that loving, cordial fellowship and communion man had with God, as made in his image.  in place of this, the wrath of God abides in every man; this separates man from God.

spiritual death is accompanied by the subsequent dissolution of the body — the abode of the human soul.  once the body expires, the soul leaves and separates from it; thus, disintegrating what was man.  death is an inescapable bondage; a race no one wins: death catches up with you in the end.

man is thus disintegrated in the highest level, that is, in his spiritual relation to his maker; and in his lowly existence, in the dissolution of his soul’s earthy abode.

this is unnatural; this was necessitated because of sin; but this is reversible in jesus christ.  jesus christ is the resurrection and the life.

his own bodily resurrection is the guarantee that if you are “in him” you too will rise again bodily from the dead, and live again: your soul reunited to your body.  death will no longer have power over you.

he gives life to the spiritually dead: he restores the loving, cordial fellowship and communion with God that man lost as a result of sin — he takes away the wrath of God: he is the only propitiation for sin.

this is the promise of life eternal.

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