i’m not here

we have all lied some time in our lives.  i have lied.  and one of the most common lies that we have spoken, is designed to avoid another person whom we do not wish to see, or whom we wish would not see us.  it’s a lie, with an accomplice.

“tell him (or her), i’m not here,” is the most common form this lie takes.  either the unwelcome person is at the door, knocking; or on the phone asking to speak with you.  there are a lot of reasons (maybe you just don’t like the person) you don’t want the person to know that you’re home, (or wherever it is you are when the unwelcome person looks for you,) but the best and most convenient way to get rid of him (or her) is to tell a lie.  of course, you yourself cannot tell the person, “oh, i’m not here,” unless it was a phone call, and you have an answering machine, with such a recorded message.

it is a lie, and all lies are lies, however small the lie is.  it is not the truth — it will never be the truth, flip it backward, around, or sideways.

all things seem to go well, until your son or daughter — or whoever it was you’ve used as an accomplice before — makes you the accomplice, and tells you, “please tell him (or her), i’m not here.”

“oh no, that’s wrong!” you protest.  now, it becomes wrong!

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