humanity will be restored.  it will be brought back to its perfect form.  not the original humanity in which adam, the first man, was created; but that in which, the second adam, jesus christ, was, with the perfect righteousness of God himself.  the righteousness that adam had was mutable, but that which jesus christ has is immutable, being the very righteousness of God — the righteousness of God apart from the law, (rom.3.21.)  there will be new heavens and a new earth where righteousness dwells.  this is the promise of God, who cannot lie.

God has begun the restoration of humanity, in jesus christ.  the fall of man was a fall into sin and unrighteousness.  the restoration of man… in righteousness.

jesus fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law of God.  by his own perfect obedience to the law, he has accomplished human righteousness, and made it possible for man (again) to stand righteous in the sight of God and his holy law — for those who will trust in him.  by his death on the cross, he has suffered the penalty due to man’s sin, i.e., death, equivalent to eternal death, under the unbending justice of God — for those who will believe on him.

the work of restoration has begun.  God has sent his regenerating Spirit into the hearts of those who believe, and by his powerful influence, changes them, conforming them to the image of the Son.  everything else will follow suit, beginning with the children of God.

humanity will be restored, with finality and completeness, when jesus returns, at the last day.  all things redeemed will become new.

this is my certain hope.

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