atheism: a willful and deliberate act

the real problem with atheists, is that their denial of the existence of God, is willful and deliberate, being contrary to nature and reason.  nature clearly manifests the glory of God: reason — rightly used — clearly understands this to be the case.  it is when willful blindness takes over a man that he confesses himself to be an atheist.  this is the solemn proclamation of the scripture.

the witness of God is shown to man: it is external and without (outside) himself.

what is shown to man is spoken in the scripture in this manner, “for since the creation of the world, his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead,” rom.1.20.  the whole creation, the visible universe, the sun, moon, and stars; the mountains and the seas; everything that is made, bear witness to the awesome power, the inscrutable wisdom, the manifold goodness, and the glorious Godhead of God the creator.  nature manifests the glory of God.  according to the text, “his invisible attributes are clearly seen,”  by the things that are made.

but the case is not readily so, because the text tells us that this is so only, “being understood.”  the rational faculty of thought and understanding is critically involved in seeing the invisible attributes of God — from what is presently visible of the things that are made — which were at work in the creation of the world.  the right and proper use of one’s rational faculties — the mind, the understanding — inevitably brings a man to the conclusion that there is a God of power, wisdom, goodness, and love.

to deny this conclusion is a willful and deliberate act — which is not a product of upright human reason understanding nature, but — of a perverse and reprobate mind.

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