most insatiable

you can only fill your appetite to a certain limit.  eating twice the normal capacity of your stomach, if you are not a voracious eater, will already fill you.  four times your capacity and you might find it difficult to breathe, being so full.  and ten times its normal capacity, and (you feel) your stomach might burst (if it actually doesn’t).

our bodies can only take so much… and no more.  more only proves to be a painful punishment.  people can only have so much sexual pleasure, sleeping pleasure, drinking pleasure, sporting pleasure, etc. — the limits are no more than 10 times a person’s capacity for his bodily appetite, before clear signs of pain, bodily failure, weakness and fatigue, sets in.

but man’s pride and arrogance knows no limits, and sees no bounds.  hate spawns a thousand thoughts.  you can hate a person so much you would kill him, over and over again in your thoughts.  envy gnaws at your gut, morning till evening, and will never give you rest.  your spirit can never have its fill of these strong lusts.

but the greatest manifestation of man’s pride and arrogance, is his refusal to recognize God, as God, and submit to his authority.  it is man’s rebellion against his maker, that is most insatiable.  your refusal to obey the gospel, and submit to God’s terms of peace, through faith in christ, is the highest form your pride and arrogance takes.

it is one’s “self” — that has unseated God from his throne in man’s soul — who is God’s greatest rival.  one’s “self” has become one’s god, and all your appetites and strong lusts only feed your insatiable rebellion; and become mere slaves to your “self”.

christ says, “if anyone will follow me, let him deny himself.”

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