slain in the spirit

my mom brought me to (something like) a charismatic renewal convention when i was about 20 years old.

i had taken drugs (drug addiction) and had taken drugs (been treated) for some withdrawal symptoms.  i no longer took (abused) drugs and have totally and completely stopped; but the needle and damage having been done, my mom thought it would be good to bring me some sort of spiritual enlightenment; so, she brought me to this charismatic renewal convention of sorts.

i hardly remember anything about the meeting except the part when i was brought (or called — i don’t remember) to the front, along with some others.  we were standing in line, side to side, (i don’t remember if we were on the stage itself or on the floor in front of the stage.)  then, the burly man — the minister — walked towards me and stopped, right in front of me.

“close your eyes,” he said, “don’t open them until i tell you to.”  he then placed his hand on my forehead, and i felt the pressure of his hand pushing me backward.  “someone will catch you,” he assured me.  i felt a pair of hands on my back, indicating that those hands would catch me… when i fall.  i did not resist the pressure of the minister’s hand pushing my head backward, and since there was the pair of hands already resting on my back, i fell on my back, the person behind me easing me down to a lying position.

“can i already open my eyes?” i thought to myself.  i did — i opened my eyes; but the burly man was stooped over me, looking down, glaring; so, i immediately shut my eyes, for fear, remembering what he had told me, “don’t open them until i tell you to.”  it was clear to me that i wasn’t supposed to open them yet.

i was — it appeared — “slain in the Spirit.”

what a fraud!

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