suntukan na!


why am i, and most filipino boxing fans, disappointed with the pacquiao-mayweather fight last may 2?  not because pacquiao lost  — of course, that’s one reason — but because what i (we) expected to be a fight, didn’t turn out to be one.

we look at a professional boxing match, no different from a street fight or fisticuffs — we expect the two boxers to fight — it’s what we “pay for” in a fight.  nuh-uh, not happening this time!

it’s much like a cockfight, where instead of gloves (which are for training) we put blades — tari — on one leg of each fighting cock; and we expect them to shuffle; and we expect to see blood.  sometimes it happens, that one fighting cock runs away, or keeps running away from its opponent.  we call this chicken chicken, tiope.

so mayweather, who kept running and sliding — to us, he’s a tiope.

the mexican boxers who’ve fought pacquiao were better fighters.  it’s not a brawl we look for, but more of a toe-to-toe suntukan.  this is what we grew up with — suntukan.  this makes our blood all pumping into the veins of our heads — to watch suntukan happening.

the great boxing legends i have seen in my youth were of this sort.  the greatest, ali, yeah he did the defensive rope-a-dope against foreman, but that wasn’t his style.  ali went toe-to-toe suntukan with all of his opponents.  so did sugar ray leonard, tommy hearns, and marvin hagler.  i admired these fighters, not just because they were good in suntukan, but they were also intelligent boxers.

mayweather may appear to be an intelligent boxer to his fans; but to me, and to millions of filipino boxing fans, he’s a tiope who runs and slides, holds and hugs.

suntukan na!  (loosely translated: let’s get ready to ram-bo-o-o-o-l!)

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