i am. the chief.

i cannot pinpoint the exact day and date when i came to faith in christ.  one day “i see men like trees, walking;” then days, months, and years later, i “saw everyone clearly,” mk.8.22-25

i was a nominal roman catholic.  i attended mass — rarely.  i had a vague fear of graven images, and priests; i respected — and was scared of — them.  that’s all.  i have repented, have turned from idols (and priests) to serve the living and true God.

the turning point in my life was brought about by my drug addiction.  i found no purpose in life, i was “without hope, and without God in the world.”  drug addiction gave meaning to my life — a way out.

my drug addiction started when i was in junior high school (3rd year,) and continued into my second year in college.  things were bad.  i (then) took an indefinite leave of absence from my studies, stayed home, and only got worse.  until one day, i asked my mother to take me to “rehab”.  i got better after that.

a year later, when i returned to school to resume my college education, my elder sister, (already a christian, and a member of a campus local church,) invited me to attend their sunday service.  from that time onward, i never missed a sunday service.

one night, i was alone in the boarding house where i stayed with my sister; having read psalm 51, i sincerely asked the Lord to come into my heart, to cleanse me, acknowledging my heart was full of sin; this act or “inner motion” (as i refer to it) was reminiscent of a song we sang in arminian bible studies i’ve attended years ago — “let jesus come into your heart.”  that night.  maybe.  he did.

this is a faithful saying, worthy of all acceptance: christ jesus came into the world to save sinners — of whom i am the chief!

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