love is patient

love is patient.  it must be.

there are three reasons why:

first, because you live in a world marred by sin, offences done against you are all too common.  you cannot last in any meaningful relationship if your capacity to suffer is short.  patience means long-suffering.

most of the sufferings you will face in your relationships would result from offences done against you; unless you exercise patience, you will either give up on the relationship, or remain in the relationship, but with bitterness and anger.

secondly, because love endures.  love endures all things.   endurance is a term that denotes one’s ability to withstand and overcome harshness.  offences act harshly on your relationships.  it is one of the most adverse realities that your relationship can undergo and which you need to deal with.

trials and temptations in various shapes and sizes also act harshly on your relationships.  suffering loss can weigh heavily on a relationship, but patience enables you to endure such with cheerfulness.  the ravages of time wearies; it erodes all freshness, excitement, and vibrancy in relationships : love endures; it revives and rebuilds.

thirdly, because relationships are for life.  many of the relationships you are in, are meant to last your lifetime, viz., family, parent/child, husband/wife, and friends.  the harshness of offenses, trials and temptations, and sufferings, act adversely on them — they either destroy or break them.  the saddest tragedy in life is when relationships which are naturally permanent, viz., family, are marred and often left irreparable by the lack or total absence of patience and forbearance — bridges are burned, and walls erected and fortified.  love will keep you from crossing past the point where there is no turning back.

patience renders you reconcilable to offences, and cheerful in sufferings.

love is patient. love is kind.

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