crispy sotanghon on eggplant


grace, an old friend and high school classmate of my sister, tess, posted a picture of a plateful of egg-coated eggplants, last week on facebook .  i posted a comment suggesting that if you add sotanghon (vermicelli) to the mixture, and instead of simply coating it with beaten egg, use a batter, it might be better.  after a few exchanges, i said i will cook it early next week (which is this week) post it on facebook, and tag both of them.  now the rest… as they say… will be… history.

first i prepared the batter by mixing 1/2 cup all-purpose flour with 1 egg and 1/3 cup water, with 1/4 tsp. iodized salt, and a dash of ground black pepper.  mix this until free of lumps.

i used 1 long eggplant, i was able to slice into 5 segments, about 2 inches in length, then sliced each segment on its length into 3 thinner slices.  (2 small to medium size eggplants will do.)  immediately after slicing, throw into the batter.

cut up 1 small ball of sotanghon (35-50 gms) into 2 inch lengths.  immediately throw into the batter and mix well with spoon or hands.

pre-heat oil in medium to low-medium fire.  assemble batter-soaked sotanghon on top of eggplant spreading it evenly enough to cover the surface.  deep-fry eggplant side down first.  after about 2 minutes, or when sotanghon on the sides start to brown, turn over (sotanghon side now down) and fry until sotanghon turns golden brown.  drain and serve.

prepare dip.  use either soy sauce with kalamansi, or mayo with grated garlic.

it’s crispy on top, but soft and moist on the bottom!

good eats!