typhoon “lando” baguio relief drive

sola gratia foundation (SGF) and calvary reformed evangelical church (CREC) combined their financial resources to send monetary support to those gravely affected by typhoon “lando”.  we launched a quick relief drive for the victims in baguio; more particularly, to the Par couple and their boarders, and a couple of pastors whose children perished at the height of the typhoon.

the Par couple lost their boarding house in itogon, benguet, to a sinkhole which swallowed the entire property where it was situated, leaving only their house standing very precariously and dangerously at the edge of the sinkhole.  they were only able to recover a few things from their house, as it was very unsafe to go back.

IMG_0696            (houses at the edge of the sinkhole as seen from the opposite road.)

elsewhere, pastor jimmy naag of atoc, benguet, suffered the loss of his son and nephew (son of his sister, bia cabading); and pastor melchor dumaniw of balacbac, baguio, suffered a huge damage in the retaining wall of his church.

IMG_0692                 (eroded area was where jimmy naag’s house was situated.)

the call to send relief to them was answered generously by both SGF and the officers and members of CREC, and we were able to collect a total of Php 32,000 for the operation.  we donated Php 10,000 to the Par couple to help them recover some of their losses; Php 7,000 to buy relief goods, eg, rice, food, drinking water, some school supplies for the school kids, &c.; and we gave Php 5,000 each to the pastors.


(from left to right: anabelle Par-cerilla with school kid evacuees; some evacuees with relief goods; a box of used clothes from perdigon family and some sacks of rice from relief operation.)

jay cerilla, the son-in-law of the Par’s led the relief operations for the sinkhole victims; and funk caoili, caretaker of the perdigon residence in la trinidad, benguet, who also assisted jay in the relief operations, handed the cash gifts to the pastors.


        (jay cerilla sharing a message to the sinkhole evacuees.)

i spoke on the phone to anita Par (owner of the boarding house) who was so thankful for the financial assistance that we gave.  the others, namely, jimmy naag and bia cabading, (i wasn’t able to contact melchor dumaniw,) thanked us through text message.  all are thankful to God for the help that SGF and CREC extended to them, in their time of calamity.

soli deo gloria!

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