nothing prepares you for it — the sudden news that a friend passed away.  it is heart-wrenching.

when i read the news, on the fb status post of his wife, that jim had “joined his creator,” my heart felt like it was going to explode out of my chest.  i could not believe what i read.  “seriously!!!!!  NO!!” was all i could hammer out of my keyboard.  i had just opened my fb this morning, and it was the first thing i read.

chette post

jim was peerless, next to none — intelligent, smart, witty, snarky, and naturally irreverent.  he was a prolific blogger, a very articulate writer; and his interests were as varied as there probably are subjects to engage the mind upon. he’d just fairly recently started publishing curated online tidbits at paper.li on various subjects, eg, android geek news, social media scanner, azkals news.

paper li

he is on every social media platform, and he was already there when the internet found its way to the philippines.  he discovered an unusual interest in #aldub when it spiked twitter activity, and broke twitter records recently, and since then kept close watch on the social media phenomenon.

jim twitter

he put up a couple of the fb groups i joined, namely, the official philmusic facebook group and #never again: no to dictators, to martial law, and to a marcos return to power.  (these were only the ones i knew of.)

philmusic never again

this is how he describes himself in his twitter profile: “into social media, mobile tech, comics, jazz, film, photography and hot sauce. in jazz improvisation, there are no mistakes, only opportunities.”

we shared similar interests in cooking vegan/vegetarian chili.

jim leaves behind his wife, chette, (i have never met her, except on fb posts;) his adorable one-year old daughter, gabrielle/gabby, (it would be her 1st birthday celebration on nov.28 — this is so heart-breaking!  i was invited to the occasion, but had clicked ‘maybe’ because i had a planned trip to baguio; but, i promised gabby, on jim’s fb status post, that i would mail my gift to her;) and his lhasa apso, booger, (i am a fan of booger.)

gabby shoes

edit: nov.21: my gift to gabby

jim and i were classmates in grade school, since grade 1; and in high school.  he also created our 4b1979 fb page (top photo).

i am still not sure that i am really awake, and did not just imagine all that i read had happened.


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