dear gabby

gabby shoes_a

edit: nov.21: my gift to gabby

dear gabby,

i was an admirer of your dad: i couldn’t let him know because he hates admirers — so, he did his thing, i did mine — never patronized him, though i learned many valuable things from him — in his later years (2007-2015.)  i became a blogger, largely because of his influence.

one valuable thing i did pick up from your dad, is the outlook that knowledge and information is free and abundant — online.  by and large, you need not ask anybody anything… just IGMG.  and that knowledge and information, is power.  your dad was (in my eyes) peerless, next to none — intelligent, smart, witty, snarky, and quite naturally irreverent — and he had power, over puny, phony minds.  but what was wonderful about your dad was that he was not despotic — he was not arrogant and niggardly — but always shared knowledge and information (power) freely.

i get him when he calls you ‘lexie luthor’ (i see it’s how much he adores you.)


“our lexie luthor,” – jim ayson

he’s also referred to you as ‘hitchcock.’  it’s his unique way of showing how playfully adorable you looked when you were less than a year old.  and i guess that because you are your dad’s daughter, when you’re much older, you will understand how crazy your dad was;


“trying to look angelic while contemplating mischief,” – jim ayson

and you will discover this for yourself — not who ‘lexie luthor’ is, but who ‘lex luthor’ really is.

your dad and i were schoolmates in ateneo prep school SY 1967-68, when we were 5 or 6 yr olds — little boys in short pants.  here’s a very old and faded graduation program from prep: hey, your dad (2nd on the list) was a dancer!


we were classmates in the honors section (i’m sure) in grade 3; then again (i think) in grade 6, (photo below — i’m not sure if he’s the one at the center, the 8th, on the front row;) and also in high school.  high school days, he would have told you, were the best times of his life.


when our high school class, 4B1979, would have a reunion later on in our lives, it was a time i would witness 40 year old successful and respectable men, transform, and act like carefree 17 year old teenagers — there was something real about high school that we love to relive over and over again: your dad created the 4B1979 facebook page to keep this high school spirit alive.


your dad and i weren’t close buddies; but we were pals.  circumstances didn’t lend themselves for us to have been (naturally) friends.  he was from la vista: i was from an obscure place, crisostomo street in sampaloc, manila.  he was an english-speaking boy: i only spoke tagalog, and was not very good in english as a school kid.  but our paths crossed at ateneo, because we were of the same age and — luckily for me — our IQs were not far from each other’s (placing us often in the same section;) and so somehow… we also connected.

you and i may not meet in person — ever — but in that online bubble, facebook — where i first saw you… your eyes… and became a fan.


love you, gabby.  you will always remind me of jim.


“tito” rey

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