the greatest absurdity

atheists are a sorry bunch, especially when they’re all alone in the confines of their room.  there, they have nothing to deny.  since God does not exist, how can they deny God?  they would be denying something that does not even exist — this is the greatest absurdity!

he can’t be an atheist who is alone in a room.  because to be an atheist, you have to deny that God exists.  but if God does not exist, what does the atheist deny?  how can you make something that is not there vanish: if it is not there, how can you make it disappear?  neither can he make a positive assertion that there is no God, because if there is no God (as he believes) what God is there that he says there is none.  this is saying that nothing is not nothing, but something — but it is not there.  this is the greatest absurdity!

the true dilemma of the atheist is to first define, and therefore suppose, God — who or what God is.  now, the atheist’s failure to define the true God, is tantamount to her failure to deny the true God.  if she fails to define the true God biblically, she may be denying a god of sorts (a semi- or demi-god) but not the God of the bible.  therefore, it is of utmost importance to the atheist to have a clear knowledge of who the God is that the bible teaches, in order for her to be sound and unassailable in her belief in the God that she denies exists.  otherwise, why would God even bother with her, since he is not the God being denied; but some impotent and inadequate god of sorts who does not even measure up to a fraction of his glory.

this is the reason why it is requisite for an atheist worthy of any attention to have a clear biblical knowledge of who God is as he reveals himself in the bible; otherwise, he might just be denying a god who is just a slob like one of us.

tell me who this God is who you are denying, and i will tell you if the God you are denying is indeed the God of the bible.


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