a case for unity

“endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace,” (eph.4.3.)

peace is the bond of unity.  it is a strong bond.  it is a mighty bond.

peace is the absence of adversity and conflict — with God above, (peace with God;) with your own self within, (inner peace;) and with others outside and around you, (peace towards others.)

peace is conditioned by love, (col.3.14-15.)  love attracts: love binds.  and so does peace.

hatred and envy divides, (james 4.1, 2.)  envy drives you away from others — you avoid them.  hatred drives away others from you — you get rid of them.

unity is based on commonality.  the unity of the Spirit, is based on a commonality that is non-physical but spiritual.  it is not based on external ties like nationality, language, or skin color; but on internal, ie, spiritual ties.

it is a unity of having the same faith in christ; of believing in the same gospel; of possessing the same hope of eternal life.

it is a unity wrought and created by God the Father, from whom the whole family is named, (eph.3.14, 15;) by God the Son, who reconciled all into one, through his body on the cross, (eph.2.14-16;) by God the Spirit, who unites all in one body unto its head, (eph.4.4.)

we did not create this unity — but we are to preserve it.

the powerful influences of the devil and the world outside us; and the corrupting nature of sin within each one of us; these mar our unity, and act against us keeping the unity.

this is why we need to endeavour — to endeavour to preserve the unity of the Spirit.  it requires serious effort.  it involves hard work.  we need to take pains to keep it… or our church will fall apart at the seams.

remember: hatred and envy divides.  but peace binds… by love.

bless the peacemakers, (matt.5.9.)

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