toys for big boys

“i lead a very simple life,” i said in response to chette, widowed wife of my high school classmate, jim ayson; when she asked me what ‘toys for big boys’ i was into.  “i play the guitar, and i write songs,” i added.

the occasion was jim’s 40th day, last dec.19 (2016); all the other guests and relatives of chette and jim have left; and it was only me, her, and howie severino, (another high school classmate,) left talking at the table, inside the cozy poolside reception area of the blue sapphire residences in BGC, where earlier a mass was celebrated and dinner served.


gina & bong mojica, chette, bobbit suntay, howie severino, and me.

our attention was glued to howie, who told us about his newly fabricated fiberglass kayak — his ‘toys for big boys.’  he had ordered a personally hand-crafted kayak from a hobbyist kayak enthusiast, eli napolitano; and it was scheduled to be delivered the next day (sunday) to his lakeside rest house in taal, batangas.  that same week i learned (howie had posted it on facebook) that he had named his new kayak — ‘bughaw II.’

jim’s ‘toys for big boys’ were cameras, (and sounds,) chette told us.


jim with a 70-200mm lens and barbie almalbis

jim had a collection of cameras and lenses — she could altogether put them on exhibit, she said.

some of our classmates are into big bikes, chette noted.  (update, jul.14, 2016:) francis told me (recently) that he had sold his big bikes.  i think he’d outgrown them or he got tired of getting injured — i don’t remember.


francis and owen (randy and robbie not in view) on 800cc BMWs

(update, jul.29, 2017:) bong mojica (in top photo,) i discovered recently, rides his “toy” bike (a ducati scrambler) regularly.  he, in fact, belongs to a bike clubthe chosen few — with fellow martial arts enthusiasts, with whom he rides.  one of bong’s favourite hotspots — etivacs.

one other, who was also present at the occasion earlier, bobbit suntay, is a diver and an excellent underwater videographer.  (i haven’t gotten the chance to ask him though what his “toys for big boys” is.)

(update, jul.14, 2016:) another classmate i got re-connected with recently, just about a couple months ago (after 37 odd years,) gerry munda, said he “refurbished an old station wagon” that dated back to his wedding year, ’91.  “brings back memories of my bachelorhood,” he told me.  i asked him if it was a chevy.  he said it was “a small BMW wagon.”  then he went on to tell me that another classmate, richie hormillo, (who i also just got re-connected with in 2011 or 2012) had “7 low-cost classic bimmers, which he races!”  talk about ‘toys for big boys’this one has race cars for toys! 

(update, july 25, 2017:) richie doesn’t only own bimmers, he also (partially) owns a shopbimmerzone inc. (it’s on fb) — that sells them, and parts and services, too.

bmw 3

“i lead a very simple life,” i told chette, “i am the poor classmate.”

i content myself (of course) only with what i can afford — not much; but i enjoy vicariously whatever my friends find pleasure and excitement doing.

get real.  if i had one, what would my ‘toys for big boys’ be?  hmm… a backyard wood-fired brick oven would really make me very grateful (pun intended) — i would enjoy my handmade pizza and lechon de pugon (roasted pork belly) a whole lot better!  (update, jul.29, 2017:) and reverse-sear grill steaks!

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