The Perfect Accident (3/5)

I stopped the van and turned off its engine near the entrance door of the Emergency Room (ER) of the La Salle University Medical Center at Dasmarinas, Cavite.

LORD, I ask You for the life of this man.  I pleaded in silence.

As the medical personnel were moving the victim’s body to the stretcher, I anticipated the declaration, “D.O.A.”  There was none — to my relief.

Praise God!

At this point, the security guard at the front desk called us to ask us questions about the details of the accident.  I asked him if I could first wash my hands because my right hand was red and covered all over by the victim’s blood.  (My right hand got soaked in blood because when we heaved the victim onto the floor of the van, we carried him face-down from the asphalt road, my right arm was over his right shoulder across his chest, my hand supporting him in his left armpit, his whole head resting on my arm.)

There was a sink on the side of the ER opposite the area where the man was brought.  I soaped twice, a couple of minutes each time to remove every trace of blood on my hands and arms, while glancing in the direction of where (I saw) they were resuscitating the man on a bed.

LORD, let this man live.  You said that the prayer of a righteous man avails much when putting forth its energy, (James 5.16)  I did what I believed was the right thing for me to do, that is, to rush him to a hospital where he can receive immediate medical attention.  There is nothing more I can do but to trust in You.  Let this prayer put forth its energy and avail much, according to your word.  I ask You for the life of this man.  I pleaded in silence.

God answered me in soft but clear whispers that encouraged me to plead more earnestly as my hope that the man will live increased; as we received partial reports from the doctors about the patient’s progress, as the night turned into day.

Just minutes after the victim was rolled into the ER, after examining and resuscitating him, the doctors were already talking to him.  Many of the things he said were coherent and made sense.  He gave them his name and address when asked. (This was the first hopeful sign that the man would live — that God had heard our prayers.)

But he was experiencing what the doctors refer to as “lucid intervals,” alternating episodes of mental clarity and unconsciousness.  The doctors suggested that the patient undergo a CT Scan to determine the physical condition of his brain and find out if there was blood leaking in any part of his brain that was causing him to lapse into unconsciousness.  If there was, then, they need to open up his skull and suction the blood out.  But that was if — and only if — it was accessible.  Otherwise, the patient was a lost case.  But if the CT Scan ruled out a “blood leak” inside his brain, then (the doctors suggested) the patient’s lapse into unconsciousness may merely be caused by his being (in fact) inebriated and drunk.

While we waited for the CT Scan result to come out, we were informed of the results of the patient’s X-ray.  He had no broken bones.  Unbelievable!  And none of his vital organs suffered any damage.

Thank You, LORD!  Praise God!

My prayers became more earnest as I became more hopeful that God had intended this man to live.

The results of the CT Scan, which came out at about one o’clock in the morning, three hours after the man was brought in, showed no signs of serious damage either to the skull or the brain of the victim.

O, praise God!

The skull suffered a very slight crack which the doctors said needed no operation because it would heal itself.  The brain had a very slight splattering of blood which the doctors said was no cause for serious concern as it, too, would simply be absorbed and heal of itself without needing surgery.

Thank You, LORD!  O, let this man live.

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