i was bean-boozled!

my youngest daughter, meg, asked me and my wife to play ‘bean-boozled.’  i had no idea what it was; but she said it was exciting.  she asked me if i had tasted ‘booger’ before… i thought, of course i have!

she opened a pack of jelly beans of various colors and told us that each color had two opposite flavours, one delicious and one horrible.  it was the luck of the draw to get one or the other.  and so she piled up the beans by coloreight piles in all.

the first pile she made us pick from was the pile with the ‘booger’ or the ‘juicy pear’ flavours.  it was either one of the two — i got ‘booger!’

‘does it taste like booger?’ meg asked.

‘nah, real booger tastes more salty than this!’ i replied.

next was either ‘baby wipes’ or ‘coconut’i got ‘baby wipes!’

then, ‘lawn clippings’ or ‘lime.’  what tasted like newly cut grass couldn’t be lime, i thought.

the only horrible flavour that i picked, that wasn’t as bad as the others was the ‘toothpaste’ (vs ‘berry blue.’)  everybody agreed, we all have enjoyed swallowing mint-flavoured toothpaste before.

out of the eight horrible flavours i could possibly have chosen, i was lucky enough to miss one, the ‘stinky socks.’  for that round i got the ‘tutti-frutti.’

for the whole challenge, i got 7 horrible flavours out of 8.  and the flavours tasted so much like the names they came with.  i also got ‘rotten egg’ instead of ‘buttered popcorn.’

but the most disgusting and execrable flavour i ever tasted was the ‘vomit!’  this almost made me literally vomit!  it almost turned my stomach upside-down.  my head almost started spinning.  this was the second to the last draw.

there was still one last one, hopefully i might get a delicious one to wash out that ‘vomit.’  it was a choice between ‘canned dog food’ and ‘chocolate pudding.’ 

wow, i thought, chocolate pudding!

i got ‘canned dog food.’


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