boston sweet swat


a fly was buzzing inside our bedroom, circling around our airspace then landing on either a part of the bed or an immobile part of our bodies, our legs (my wife’s or mine.)

“get rid of it,” jane (my wife) said.

“ok, i will,” i said.

i looked for a newspaper and rolled it in 4 folds, to get a good, wide and flat surface area to swat the fly with, but still have a good handle on the newspaper roll with a single hand.  fail!  fail!  and another fail!  the fly could see the swatter coming even before it got near him.

“ha! ha! ha!” the fly said, “catch me if you ca-an!”

then, it occurred to me — the boston sweet swat!  i remember reading about this technique (of killing a fly) in college more than 30 years ago in a science magazine — popular science or discover.

the technique uses the flies limitations against it.  the technique posits that a fly on a flat surface far from any visible edge, when threatened by a (visual) attack on both sides, will instinctively fly straight up.  any other scenario enables the fly to escape: if there is an edge in sight, or the ground where it lands is uneven, or if the attack is on only one side, it would be easy for the fly to evade it and escape unharmed.  but on a flat surface with no visible edge in sight… that fly is a sitting duck for a boston sweet swat.

now, it’s a waiting game…

the boston sweet swat.  position your hands, palms facing each other about 10-12 inches apart.  approach the fly from behind and place your hands about 6 inches above ground zero, where it landed.  align the fly at center, on equal distance between your palms.  now, clap — the fly will fly straight up between your closing palms.  swoosh… bam!

“did you kill it?”

“see for yourself.”

one dead fly.

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