ketocayo: my 3-day egg fast

i did an egg fast, a 3-day egg fast.  all i ate during the 3-day egg fast were only eggs, technically.  i say ‘technically’ because i also ate the oils that the eggs were cooked in, and i also had some mayo and mustard w the eggs — and these had calories, however few.  i say ‘technically’ because, on the other hand, some egg fast rules allow for the consumption of cheese.  but i don’t follow rules — i make my own.

i ate 10 eggs a day, for 3 days — 30 eggs total in 3 days.  i drank lots of water, took some oral mediterranean salt (now and then, especially upon waking up and before sleeping), and gulped unlimited brewed coffee (no cream, no sweetener) throughout the fast.  no keto desserts, no chicharon, no in-betweens, no alcoholic night caps, no lemon drops while driving… nothing — just eggs.


lunch: 6 scrambled eggs

egg fast day 1 am

dinner: 4 scrambled eggs

egg fast day 1 pm


lunch: 6 hard-boiled eggs

egg fast day 2 am

dinner: 4 hard-boiled duck embryos (balut)

egg fast day 2 pm


lunch: 6 sunny-side up eggs

egg fast day 3 am

dinner: 4 poached eggs

egg fast day 3 pm

my primary goal in doing the 3-day egg fast is to break my weight stall.  my weight stalled (stayed the same) for 20 days, at 199 lbs.  it didn’t really worry me — i just challenged myself to break the stall.  the hashtag i often use in my fb group ‘ketogenicsPH’ is #killingTheBoredomWeAcquired, simply because: if i don’t kill the boredom, the boredom will kill me.  the secondary goal is (what we call) NSVs or Non-Scale Victories – benefits, besides weight loss, that are both tangible and intangible. 

the tangible NSVs in this case was a smaller belly, fitting into a shirt (a gift from my daughter) i could not fit into before, feeling energized despite a huge calorie deficit, not feeling hungry and weak.  the intangibles would consist of mental clarity, feeling happy with the achievement, confidence that i have done it (and can do it again, when needed), complacency that the 3-day egg fast was not a suffering that i wanted to end quickly, character EQ (not easily tempted by food, both keto and non-keto, during the fast).  autophagy or deep cellular cleansing is another intangible NSV i achieved, but it isn’t the result of the egg fast, but of the accompanying 18-6 IF.

so, how much weight did i lose during my 3-day egg fast??

8 lbs — from 199 to 191. 👌

before and after egg fast

what’s next?  stall (again), at 191 lbs for 20 days or more… then break the stall (again).

#ketoOnAndOnAndOn 👌