ketocayo: my first 24-hour fast

OMAD — the first time i encountered the term in the fb group, ketogenic ph (where i was recently added by a friend), i commented, “that’s what we called ‘stuff’ back in HS and college!” the OMAD ‘stuff’ i alluded to was… yes, DAMO.  grass.  MJ.


but OMAD in ketogenic jargon stands for One Meal A Day — the practice of the 24-hour fast. in the 24-hour fast, you eat no solids, but may drink plain water, electrolyte water, coffee, tea, and broth.  today was my first time to try OMAD.

i’ve been regular in doing IF (Intermittent Fasting), another concept associated with keto WOE (Way Of Eating).  (jargon is social currency.  use it to blend in and not be seen or regarded as an outsider.)  i was already practicing a 16-8 IF, before i tried the 24-hour.

16-8 is a 16-hour fast, alternated by an 8-hour loading (eating) window.  during my 16-8 IF, i ate only two meals.  i coined my own term for it — TaMAD (Two Meals A Day).  there is no rule how many meals you can have during the 8-hour loading window — i can only handle two.  so i’ve been doing the 16-8 TaMAD (about 3 weeks) before i tried the 24-hour fast, OMAD.

the 24-hour fast.  the 24-hour ketogenic fast started 2 pm, saturday.  my family was in barrio fiesta celebrating the graduation of my youngest daughter.  order was crispy pata and kare-kare combo, with additional sinampalukang manok and inihaw na liempo.  gorged myself on my favourite knuckles, ligaments and tendons, with some pata meat.  had a couple of cuts of tuwalya (ox tripe) and laman from the kare-kare, of course, with bagoong alamang, with a bite of two of the scanty veggies that went with it.  had a bite or two of inihaw na liempo.  sipped sinampalukan soup and had the behind part of the chicken.


an hour and a half stroll at the mall and an hour travel back home. 


then i went for my (un)usual run (at 7 pm), a 40-minute slow jog.  pulse rate was 136 bpm.  i used to run late afternoon around 5 pm.  but when i heard of the ‘fasted run’ i began changing my running program.  i started running in the morning around 6 am.  done it twice already.  the 7 pm run was an alternative to the next morning’s ‘fasted run’.

usual tidying up of the house for the rest of the evening.  late into the night until the wee hours of the morning was spent devouring stuff on hydration, electrolytes, keto flu, etc., from articles, a video, and discussions on various threads in ketogenic ph fb page.  (learning a lot of valuable — crucial — information from the fb group!)  over a cup of BPC.

and as a result of new information gleaned from the evening’s harvest, i took two dashes of himalayan salt orally, to spike my sodium levels — i was feeling kind-a lightheaded and dizzy, and based on my research, there was a good probability that i was experiencing ‘keto flu’ caused by a deficiency in sodium, potassium, or magnesium.

sunday.  i had my morning BPC, with knorr beef broth.  the knorr beef broth (while i haven’t made my own bone broth yet) is also the result of hours of brow-burning about electrolytes and keto flu the night before.  then off to church with my wife, jane, and middle daughter, jikki (who i will soon add to the fb group.)  then back home lunchtime.

broke the fast about 1:30 pm, less than 24 hours.


by not completing the 24 hours — did i break the law?  nah!

enjoy KETO WOE.  😋😋



eliz and CV

saturday was antithesis: in the morning, we were invited to a birthday breakfast buffet; in the afternoon, we went to a wake.  the birthday, was the 60th birthday celebration of a dear christian friend, eliz ‘maling’ francisco: the wake, the wake of an uncle, dr. cesar vicente san pedro, 87, who died of liver cancer.

there are no ironies — if ever there were — in birthdays.  in deaths there often are.  one of the ironies in deaths is that a death in the family becomes the occasion of happy reunions between siblings, cousins, relatives, and friends who haven’t seen each other in ages.  a death in the family brings us together, and the tragedy of death becomes a comedy of reunions.  an irony.  an irony on a tragedy…

maling is special.  she is one of a few.  she hosted the birthday breakfast buffet largely for her churchmates and us fellow christians (long-time friends) from all over (100-120 persons) — a huge blow-out!  she wanted to celebrate her 60th birthday with people closest to her heart.  the lady loves the Lord, and drives a silver jaguar.


at the wake of my uncle, it was a noisy reunion of cousins and close uncles and aunts.  noisy, filled with laughter and animated story-telling.  an irony on a tragedy…

i met CV, a 2nd cousin (son of my mother’s 1st cousin, the departed), the youngest.  i realized that for the past 30 odd years i have never talked to him — not a word — and not even exchanged a handshake greeting in countless clan reunions we’ve seen each other at.  yesterday was our first warm handshake, when i expressed my condolences to him upon our arriving at the wake…

“CV…” i said, “does that stand for cesar vicente, after your dad, cesar, and grand-dad, vicente?”
“his dad’s name is also cesar vicente,” my eldest brother rolly said.
“no, my name is cesar vincent,” CV said.
“ahh, tweaked,” i said…

CV, i learned, was a chef.  a would-have-been doctor like his dad and elder brother, paul, but chose another path — culinary arts.  he’s now the head chef at parq vancouver.  i asked him how he cooks scrambled eggs — gordon ramsey or anthony bourdain — to break the ice.  i said i didn’t like gordon ramsey’s scrambled eggs because they were “masyadong malasado” (too runny).  from then on, it was talk about chinese cuisine — herbs and spices, star anise, cooking wine, chicken powder, soup stock made from chicken, pork, and veal, century eggs mashed in congeee; pho, wansoy; bibimbop, kimchi — asian cuisine — after the ice breaker…

when it was time to go, i bade my cousins, uncle, and aunts goodbye.  i shook CV’s hand.

“at long last,” i said.
“oo nga,” he said.



nuclear fire spicy noodle challenge


you must have heard of the nuclear fire spicy noodle challenge.  but if you haven’t, it’s all over yoochoob.  just type ‘nuclear fire spicy noodle challenge’ in the yoochoob search bar and you’ll get there.

it’s the one featuring the ‘samyang’ brand ‘HOT chicken flavor ramen’ with a ‘2x spicy’ printed on a red package.  the original challenge was (i think) to eat as much spicy hot noodles in the shortest possible time — a race.  but for my purpose, i simplified it to finishing a pack of the spicy hot noodles and posting the video online.

i’ve watched videos where the subjects don’t finish the noodles because they found it too spicy hot.  i’ve also watched videos where the subjects drink water or milk, or eat ice cream to quell the intensifying inferno in their mouths.  of course, there were those vloggers who were trying to be cute, and the crazy ones, whose videos make you smile or laugh for sheer stupidity.  but there are videos where the subjects make it through and finish the entire pack (some even 5 packs!)

my experience.  on the first mouthful, the taste was a mixture of sweet and savoury followed immediately by a burning sensation in my mouth (tongue, cheek, and all).  the next mouthfuls were searing hot, an intense nuclear fire in my mouth.  the only relief i got was in between mouthfuls, when i can momentarily breathe, talk, and be happy i’m still alive!  the next mouthfuls were more incendiary than the ones before it, because the ones before left the inside of my mouth still aflame.  by the fourth mouthful, i have already developed beads of sweat on my forehead and my entire face felt flushed and sweating profusely.  i could hardly manage a smile — game face on.  though the spicy noodles didn’t bring me to tears (as it did some subjects), my mouth was all singedmy cheeks were swelling, and i thought my tongue would fall off!

i did not drink water (which i know worsens the condition), or milk, or eat ice cream to quell the conflagration.  five minutes after i finished the challenge, my mouth was still stinging with spicy heat.

a friend reminded me after watching the video i posted, “isn’t that contrary to keto?  i said, “it’s my cheat day!”

i just issued a challenge to (nominated) two of my facebook friends, gerry munda (one of my best friends in high school.  he found a korean store that sold the samyang 2x spicy and bought a couple of packs.  i asked him to also buy me a couple), and philip cu (a fil-chi friend, a foodie who i know loves spicy hot food, now based in SG).  awaiting their video…

was the challenge worth it?  yes, every mouthful!  😋😋



paranoia, the baseless fear that there is an evil plot against you; that people you see pass by your house are spies who are part of the conspiracy.


this was the kind of paranoia that afflicted me.  it was not a constant fear, but manifested itself from time to time, in episodes, like spells. it also manifested itself in a couple other ways:

when i am in a public place like a cafeteria or restaurant, and see a group of people in a huddle — i was certain they were talking about me.  they weren’t saying good things about me, but nasty, unkind things.  sometimes, alone in my bedroom, i could even hear them talking, i could hear their voices through the walls.

but my nastiest and most horrifying experience of paranoia was seeing (in my peripheral vision, when i look slightly down) the faces of people sitting across from me melt and disfigure into hideous demons frowning at me.


all this was a result of drug abuse.  i had already quit.  i was already into rehab.  but the damage that drugs have caused in my brain’s perceptions of reality remained.  my problem wasn’t merely psychological, it was physiological — drugs have messed up my brain’s bio-chemical equilibrium.

i was regularly injected with an anti-psychotic drug to correct the chemical imbalance in my brain that caused the hallucinations — the paranoia.  i was also given depressants to slow down my thoughts and make me droopy and drowsy, unable (now) to further conceive conspiracy theories.

after six months or so of drug treatment, the chemical imbalance was corrected and my brain had altogether ceased from inventing malevolent plots plotted against me… and involuntarily conjuring up frowning demon faces.

keto: LCHF diet (part 2)

one hard fact of life: to admit you are OBESE.  i am obese, by BMI standards.

i began keto (ketogenic), the low-carb, high-fat, minimal protein (LCHF) diet weighing 235 lbs. with a BMI of 34.7, (it was quite liberating to admit squarely that i am obese).  i had a very good excuse and a license to keep my pot belly — my year-old grandson loved to sit on it when i carry him.  having a pot belly (i duped myself into believing) was a grand dad’s special privilege!

after six weeks into keto, i lost 7 lbs. and now weigh only 228 lbs. with a BMI of 33.7.  it might not be a huge weight loss, but “7 lbs. is 7 lbs.” (according to a doctor-friend that i consult).  and it’s 7 lbs. lost.

i recently suffered a big setback — my allergic cough kicked in.  i wasn’t able to run and do my core strengthening exercises for ten days, these past 10 days.  i have a feeling this had a slight effect on the outcome of my blood chemistry, and (probably) my blood pressure (BP).

i promised myself in keto: LCHF diet (part 1) that i would have my BP checked and get a blood test.  i have done that.  i also promised to undergo a (treadmill) stress test and see my cardiologist.  i haven’t done that, but will do so later.

“i made myself a promise to have my blood pressure checked, to get a blood test for cholesterol, triglycerides, etc… and (if necessary) another one for ketones.  i also need to undergo a (treadmill) stress test, and see my cardiologist.”


apparently, my BP is still high (in the ‘red zone’).  i hope this lowers down in the next six weeks, when i resume my running program.


thankfully, all numbers in my blood chemistry are within range, except for HDL which is slightly below the minimum.  if i had continued with my running and strengthening program, and had not stopped because of my allergic cough, i suppose my HDL and LDL numbers would have reflected better results.  this is according to webMD:

“Increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels and decrease LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by getting regular aerobic exerciseExercise also helps relax blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.”

the only problem was i did not get baseline numbers before i went into keto for comparison — to know if my lipid profile improved or what.  i went into keto blind, without any baseline stats.  bloops!  anyway, now i have the numbers to compare with the results of my blood test after six more weeks.


it was quite unfortunate that the season for avocado in the philippines (normally from may to september) had already passed before i went into the keto diet.  avocados would have been my best source of good fats, and i love avocados.

my high-fat diet now mainly consists of pork fats, morning and evening doses of VCO (virgin coconut oil), morning and evening bulletproof coffee, and coconut cream based sardines or mackerel.  once-a-week we have salmon (head or belly).  i snack on roasted almonds and (sometimes) peanuts.  i eat lots of vegetables — dark green leafies, especially.  i also practice an eight- to twelve-hour intermittent fasting (IF) regularly; and a high-carb ‘cheat day’ to correct any possible incipient hormonal imbalance.

i have lost at least 7 lbs. doing keto.  i hope to lose more weight in the next six weeks, ending my 12-week keto LCHF program on december 5.  by that time, i expect my BMI to lower, my BP to lower, my total cholesterol to lower, my HDL to go higher and my LDL to lower; and my belly to become flatter for my “after” picture — for ‘keto: LCHF diet (part 3).

i am not hard core… just a street rat.  😋😋



seven sundays: the movie


nanood kami ni jane ng ‘seven sundays’ kagabi.  pinagbigyan ko ang pagyaya nya sa ‘kin.  may pag-aalangan syang yayain ako dahil drama (nakaka-iyak daw) ang pelikula at alam nyang, generally, tinatawanan ko lang at tinutuya ang mga dramang pilipino.

nadadalas ang panonood ko ng pelikulang pilipino.  minamabuti ko na lang na gawan ng sarili kong review ang mga napapanood, para masulit ang effort.

noong araw, nasusukat ang kadramahan ng isang pelikula sa dami ng panyong kaya nitong basain — isa, dalawa, o tatlong panyo; apat na panyo kung lubhang nakakaiyak.  siguro, sa pagkakataong ito, hihiramin ko ang sukatang ito, subalit hindi sa dami ng panyong kayang basain ng pelikula, kundi sa kung ilang beses naantig ang puso ko, naluha, at humugot ng panyo (di-literal), sa takbo ng pelikula.  eh itong  ‘seven sundays’ — apat na panyo, may apat na eksenang na-antig ang damdamin ko at napaluha.  kailangang pairalin ang babaw ng luha, kung hindi ay… sayang ang binayad sa panonood!

ang seven sundays ay tungkol sa pamilya, sa pagmamahalan at pagbibigayan sa pamilya — ng mag-asawa, ng magulang sa anak, ng mga anak sa magulang, at ng magkakapatid sa isa’t isa.  ang seven sundays ay tungkol sa kahalagahan ng pagsasabi ng totoo — pagiging totoo sa sarili, at pagiging totoo sa pamilya.  ang seven sundays ay tungkol sa tamang panahon ng pagsasabi ng totoo — hindi sa galit o poot, kundi sa pagmamahal — as sa tamang diwa (maturity) sa pagtanggap ng katotohanan.  higit sa lahat, ang seven sundays ay tungkol sa pagso-sorry, pagpapatawad, at pagbabalikang-loob.

datapwat hindi maaaring palagpasin na sa kalagitnaan ng mga basal na kaisipang ito, napakahalaga ng katayuan ng tinuturing nating “ilaw ng tahanan”, at sa mga bagay na ukol sa pagmamahal, pag-aaruga, at pagkalinga, siya ring “haligi ng tahanan” — ang ina o nanay.  at sa maraming pagkakataon (tulad sa seven sundays) ang pagkawala ni nanay ay nauuwi sa kalaunang pagguho ng haligi ng pagmamahalan, pag-aaruga, at pagkalinga na siyang nagbubuklod sa puso’t kalooban ng mga miyembro ng pamilya — nauuwi sa pagkawatak-watak at pagkakaniya-kaniya.

walang bagay na maaaring pumalit sa tunay na pagmamahalan upang pagbuklurin o gawing isa ang kalooban ng mga miyembro ng pamilya.

ang pagkakasakit na malubha (cancer) ng biyudong ama ng apat na magkakapatid na ngayon ay nasa wastong gulang na at may kani-kaniyang trabaho at pamilya na, ay maaring magbigay ng pansamantalang dahilan upang sila’y magkasama-samang muli, tuwing sunday.  subalit hindi ito pangmatagalan.

ang pagkukunwari’t pagpapanggap ng magkakapatid na sila’y magkakasundo at nagbibigayan, upang hindi na bigyan ng karagdagang pasanin ang ama nilang may malubhang sakit, ay gayun din, pansamantala at hindi pangmatagalan.  datapwat, maaari itong maging tulay upang maibalik ang inosenteng pagmamahalan nila nung mga bata pa — at tila ito ang mithiin, na manumbalik ang nakaraan, nang ang lahat ay simple at inosente, at dama ang tunay at dalisay na pagmamahalan sa katotohanan.


maraming lumalabas na katotohanan kung tayo’y galit — mga hugot.  ngunit ito’y mapanira ng samahan ng pamilya.  ang katotohanan ay gumagamot at naghihilom lamang ng sugat kung ito’y tinimplahan ng pagmamahal at pag-unawa.  kung hindi ay ito’y wumawasak at nagpapalala ng alitan.

mahirap magsabi ng totoo.  may takot.  ito ang naramdaman ni tatay, halimbawa, nang malaman nyang wala pala syang malubhang sakit — kung sasabihin pa ba nya ito sa mga anak nya, na masayang muling nagkasama-sama bunsod ng sakit nyang ito.  kailangan nito ng tunay na tapang.  subalit dito nalululan ang pagtatagumpay ng samahan ng pamilya — na ang bawat miyembro, magulang at anak, ay totoo sa isa’t isa at nagmamahalan, nagbibigyayan, nagso-sorry at nagpapatawaran.

ang mahalagang aral na maiuuwi mo mula sa seven sundays ay ito: mahalin mo ang pamilya mo — sa lahat ng oras.

mga anak, mahalin nyo ang tatay at nanay nyo, hindi lang habang mga bata pa kayo, ngunit lalo’t higit na huwag kumalimot pag may sariling buhay na kayo at pamilya.  mga tatay at nanay, mahalin, arugain, at kalingain nyo ang mga anak nyo; samantalang mga bata pa sila, at hanggang sa makarating sila sa tamang edad.  mga magkakapatid, magmahalan kayo, mag-sorry at magpatawaran — always be there for each other.  at sa huli, walang makabubuwag sa tibay nyo bilang pamilya.  sinuman ang magtangkang maniil kahit sa isa sa inyo, ang pamilya ay matatag na pader na maaari mong sandalan.


pancake house: ang liit ng mundo (part 2)

may kasabihan, “ang liit ng mundo!” o “small world!” na karaniwang bulalas ng mga magkakilalang nagkikita sa isang bahagi ng siyudad, bansa, o mundo nang hindi inaasahan o sinasadya.

naka-schedule kaming magkita at magkape ng isa sa mga best friends ko nung high school (sa Ateneo) na si randy cepeda.  suggestion nya sa pancake house sa vira mall (Vmall), 2 pm.  magwa-1 pm pa lang, nasa Vmall na ako at hinahanap ko kung nasaan ang pancake house, sa likod daw kasi ng Vmall ayon sa text ni randy.  eh nasa gitna ako ng napakalawak na tiangge ng Vmall, di ko na matunton saan ang likod.  e di magtanong sa guard.

“guard, saan banda ang pancake house?” tanong ko.
“ahh, dun, sir, sa may tapat ng mcdo sa dulo,” sabi ni guard.

gilid pala ng Vmall yun, at (natanto ko kay randy afterwards) ibang pancake house ang itinuro ni guard sa kin.  datapwat, lumabas ako at naglakad sa malapad na sidewalk sa gilid ng Vmall patungo sa tinuro ni guard.

nakaka-ilang hakbang pa lang ako, nakita ko isang napaka-pamilyar na mukha ng isang lalaking makakasalubong ko.  huminto ako sa paglakad at tinitigan ko sya.  nakatitig din sya sa kin habang lumalakad papalapit.  nagtititigan kami hanggang sa magkita kami.  si noel “nono” pascual, isa din sa mga best friends ko nung high school (sa National Teachers College na nilipatan ko, 3rd year), na huling nagkita kami mga more than 30 years ago.

small world!  😋

niyaya nya kong mag-lunch sa bahay nila (kasama nya misis at unico hijo nung magkita kami), eh dahil may oras pa naman akong susunugin, magwa-1 pm pa lang naman, pinaunlakan ko alok nya at sumama ako.  napakalapit sa Vmall ng bahay nya, 5 minutes away lang.

masayang reunion at mahabang kwento… 2 pm ipinahatid ako ni nono sa Vmall.

nagkita kami ni randy mga 2.30 pm sa pancake house, nag-order ng kape, at ikinuwento ko sa kanya na habang naghihintay ako, nagkita kami nang di sinasadya ng isang kaibigan na matagal ko nang di nakikita.

coffe at pancake house 10_08_2017

“painter sya,” sabi ko, “kilala daw sya dito, may sarili nga syang ‘reserved’ parking dyan sa multi-level car park.  noel pascual…”
“noel pascual?”
“oo, noel pascual, bakit, kilala mo?”
“small guy?”
“eh, pare, co-parent ko sa la salle yan, when our kids were in grade school, classmate ni fonz ang anak nya.”

small world… indeed!  😋😋