my science project

beer below zero degrees or BBZ degrees — that’s the name of a place where they serve beer below zero degrees centigrade (exact temperature not available as of this writing.)  that is also the objective of my (latest) rocket science project.

for this experiment, i used 3 bottles of regular size san miguel pale pilsen, and put them in a small styrofoam ice box:

3 kilos crushed ice + 350 grams rock salt in a mixture:

which i dumped on the beers to cover them up (almost) completely:

i left the beers covered in the ice+salt bath for one and a half hours (5:30pm-7:00pm) while i had some stimulating discussion with an old buddy julio re: thermodynamics…


i then took one of the pale pilsens out to check its relative temperature — no thermometers were harmed during the experiment:

beer ice.jpg

it — yeah, all three — emerged smoking cold out of the ice box, perfectly chilled and not icy and frozen; the beer remained chilled for a good 7-10 minutes after popping; before it got drained.

i am not a beer drinker: this is my science project.

Sa Aming Nayon, May Isang Grupong Uminom, Eh Lasing!  Pati Ako Lasing Eh!  Pati Ikaw Lasing! Sila Eh Nalasing!