from point to point

it would have been my first day to ride the MRT at North Avenue station just about after the rush hour.  rush hour commuter traffic is so horrifying at North Avenue station, i shudder at the prospect of having to fall in line with the hordes of commuters — a mile long on both sides of the entrance — i see while riding past the train station along EDSA during these hours.

but i discovered the Point-to-Point (P2P) bus service operated by Froehlich Tours, which services commuters from several P2P origins and destinations, non-stop.  the trip i was going to take was the Trinoma-to-Glorietta 5 trip.

i messaged the bus service’s facebook page, P2P Premium Bus Service, earlier to ask where exactly in Trinoma the bus terminal was located.  i was given a diagram indicating the bus terminal to be at SM North, with the following message: Hi Rey, please see the attachment below for Trinoma Terminal. Thank you.”


i went to the SM North terminal only to discover (to my dismay) that that terminal was for the SM Megamall trip; not Glorietta 5.  the Glorietta 5 trip was indeed at Trinoma.  the guy at the ticket desk pointed me to where it was at.  it was a short walk in the daytime heat from SM North bus bay to the Trinoma/Landmark terminal.

bus fare is P55.  you may buy your ticket from the ticket sales desk located somewhere near where the buses are parked or you may use your LRT/MRT Beep Card. 


i took the front seat behind the driver, (there’s actually a solid panel covering the driver from view.)


solid panel covering the driver from view

the front seat was a solo seat.  the front half of this bus are also all solo seats — 3 behind the driver and 4 on the other side.  the back half has 4 pairs of seats on each side of the aisle (16 seats) and the back row has 5 seats.  my estimate makes the bus a 28-seater (at least.)


no standing passengers: all passengers seated.  very spacious and very cozy… except for the air conditioning vent that shoots chilling air directly over my head — no adjustment fins or flaps… very uncomfortable!  but it beats the rap of the sweltering heat outside.

the trip took 40 minutes or a bit more (as advertised.)  no letdown there.  then it was a short walk from Glorietta 5 to Corinthian Plaza, where i had an appointment.  i got out of the appointment at 3:30pm and after a short walk through Greenbelt was again at Glorietta 5, where i took the 4pm trip back to Trinoma.  surprisingly (or not) the trip also took 40 minutes (traffic was moderate) and i was inside Landmark Trinoma before 5pm.

a short walk inside Landmark to the MRT North Avenue station.  and another short walk from MRT Cubao station to Gateway.  a short walk earlier from SM North to Trinoma.  and another from Glorietta 5 to Corinthian Plaza, and back.

bus rides and short walks from point to point.