baked buttered chicken


this kept me up till 2 am.  sleeplessness sometimes keeps me up till 2 am.  my editing job used to keep me up till 2 am.  but tonight… this.

this is baked buttered chicken.  it was an ambush order from jane, my wife, for accounting division lunch tomorrow at the office.  this is not the first time she brought this viand for lunch at the office… probably the 6th over the years she’s been with Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) accounting division.

i have been baking this buttered chicken for decades, it is now a family tradition.  i learned it from my dad — he also loved to cook, when he’s not flying; (no, he’s not a superhero with a costume and a cape — he was an airline pilot.)  i have simply immortalized his recipe by adding the specs to it.  if any of my three daughters memorize this recipe… the tradition lives!

all three can cook.  the youngest, maegan (19,) when she saw me preparing the chicken said she’ll bake the same for the party she’d be going to tomorrow (that’s today.)  i think both her elder sisters, dorothy (28,) and joanna (24,) have baked this at least once on different occasions they attended.

they’ve been able to duplicate, with a good deal of success, some of my specialties, like, crispy pata, crispy knuckles, and roast pork belly.

now, here’s hoping they memorize this recipe!

the recipe is simple and straightforward — it’s for dummies!

here it is: baked buttered chicken

1 whole chicken (place breast side up in a baking pan — pyrex or aluminum.)

‘wash’ chicken in the baking pan w/3 Tbsp. soy sauce, and leave washings in the pan.

add 1/3 c. butter (put 1\3 of the 1/3 c. butter inside chicken. the rest, put in the pan.)

bake 45-60 min. in moderate oven (350°F.)

baste every 15 min. so skin won’t dry up.

serve with sauce on the side.

best eaten with white rice.  om-non-nom!!!!