4th impact : x-factor UK (updated)

“this (audition) is gonna blow up… all around the world!” — nikolas ‘grimmy’ grimshaw.  it has!


i am not a fan of 4th impact (formerly 4th power).  i watched their x-factor UK audition on youtube, days after hearing on KMJS (kapuso mo, jessica soho) that a filipina group that auditioned wowed the judges by their performance.  i searched for the youtube video, and found it.

from oct.8 – oct.18, when i watched the video again, i noticed that in two to three days, the views increased by about 1,000,000 (1M).  i got curious, so i decided to log the numbers: the 4th power audition — in fact — hit 1,000,000 (1M) views every two to three days.

at arena auditions, singing ‘bang! bang!’ by jessie j, 4th power video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7YRRaOgpUk was posted on the official x-factor UK channel on aug.29; here are the numbers:

views time date
20.1M 3.45am oct.18
20.5M 1.40am oct.19
21.0M 1.41pm oct.20
21.5M 8.00am oct.22
22.0M 2.00am oct.24
22.6M 11.15pm oct.25
23.0M 4.00am oct.27
23.7M 2.00am oct.30

as i write this blog, the video now has 24.8M views: i observed the same trend in their ‘6-chair challenge,’ where they performed ‘show me how you burlesque’ by cristina aguilera — 1M views every two to three days.  but, i expect the views to taper off slightly, now that videos from ‘judges houses’ and ‘week 1 live’ are available online.


4th impact is “phenomenal,” says cheryl, their (groups’) mentor.  their individual voices alike are great; and their harmonies, seamless.  and their chemistry — genetic! — “we are sisters.”

“and I think the british public is gonna fall in love with you.” – simon cowell.  this statement is not a simple opinion; it subliminally conditions the british public and online viewers to actually fall in love with 4th impact!

if it comes down to the wire; if 4th impact’s ‘perfect’ performances won’t let up; (my prediction in the finals will be between 17-yr old powerhouse, luisa johnson, and this sassy ‘badass’ pinoy girl band;)  and if the trend in x-factor UK youtube channel is a good indicator as to who gets the most viewers’ votes… then 4th impact might just bag the prize money!

and as these ‘minute monsters’ say: “cross fingers!”

EDIT: dec.7: 4th impact was eliminated last week — sad — getting the lowest number of votes.  the british public did love them, as simon cowell had predicted, enough for them to be voted by them up to the top 5.

they were, in my eyes, the best act on the show.  tuning in to their weekly performances turned me into a fan!

the two conditions i set above (in the original post) did not come true — but one did, that is, 4th impact’s ‘perfect’ performances didn’t let up, they only got better and better each time they took the stage.  it was the second condition that did not come true, that is, that the trend in the x-factor UK youtube channel is a ‘good indicator’ as to who gets the most number of votes — it didn’t turn out that way.  it was a longshot, anyway.

do i care who wins this season’s x-factor UK finals?  without 4th impact there… nah!