Could Self-Programmed Robots — AI — have produced the iPhone 8?


According to a recent Press Release, proponents of the Evolutionary Binary Processes (EBP) group have claimed that the latest iPhone, the iPhone 8, was a product of Evolutionary Binary Processes.  EBP adherents believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI,) namely, self-programmed robots were responsible for the re-design and manufacture of the latest iPhone model.

Spokesperson for EBP, Professor Eve O. Lucian, has (in fact) gone so far as to state that, not only the iPhone 8, but all other iPhones in the series, evolved and were manufactured by these self-programmed robots without direct interface from human hands.

“We have good reason to believe that AI manufactured these iPhones without direct interface with human hands,” Professor Eve O. Lucian asserted.  She did not elaborate further on her pure conjecture.

But, evidence has resurfaced supporting the claim of Creationists, that all iPhones were directly made by human hands; and did not undergo advanced ‘inflation’ from a single cell, namely, the original iPhone prototype.  (Creationists are obviously those who believe that human hands — directly or through interface with machines — made all iPhones.)

In his end note speech at the annual AI Summit held at Silicon Valley, Bill Doors III, co-founder of Microhard Corp., repudiated the notion that AI or self-programmed robots already have the capability to manufacture smartphones apart from human interface or without direct human intervention.

“We are not there yet,” Doors closed.

Doors also presented a compelling discovery — a Trojan Horse (a concealed microscopic copyright symbol only the maker can identify, that ensures any attempted claim made against the original manufacturer can be disputed) — at the Summit, bolstering claims that the iPhone series was created by human hands, and not products of advanced Evolutionary Binary Processes, AIs.  The written evidence is incontrovertible.

Close examination of samples of the iPhone series, on high-powered pneumatic microscopes, revealed they had a Trojan Horse stamped on each component.  Written in Chinese characters were symbols that read…