ketocayo: my 3-day egg fast

i did an egg fast, a 3-day egg fast.  all i ate during the 3-day egg fast were only eggs, technically.  i say ‘technically’ because i also ate the oils that the eggs were cooked in, and i also had some mayo and mustard w the eggs — and these had calories, however few.  i say ‘technically’ because, on the other hand, some egg fast rules allow for the consumption of cheese.  but i don’t follow rules — i make my own.

i ate 10 eggs a day, for 3 days — 30 eggs total in 3 days.  i drank lots of water, took some oral mediterranean salt (now and then, especially upon waking up and before sleeping), and gulped unlimited brewed coffee (no cream, no sweetener) throughout the fast.  no keto desserts, no chicharon, no in-betweens, no alcoholic night caps, no lemon drops while driving… nothing — just eggs.


lunch: 6 scrambled eggs

egg fast day 1 am

dinner: 4 scrambled eggs

egg fast day 1 pm


lunch: 6 hard-boiled eggs

egg fast day 2 am

dinner: 4 hard-boiled duck embryos (balut)

egg fast day 2 pm


lunch: 6 sunny-side up eggs

egg fast day 3 am

dinner: 4 poached eggs

egg fast day 3 pm

my primary goal in doing the 3-day egg fast is to break my weight stall.  my weight stalled (stayed the same) for 20 days, at 199 lbs.  it didn’t really worry me — i just challenged myself to break the stall.  the hashtag i often use in my fb group ‘ketogenicsPH’ is #killingTheBoredomWeAcquired, simply because: if i don’t kill the boredom, the boredom will kill me.  the secondary goal is (what we call) NSVs or Non-Scale Victories – benefits, besides weight loss, that are both tangible and intangible. 

the tangible NSVs in this case was a smaller belly, fitting into a shirt (a gift from my daughter) i could not fit into before, feeling energized despite a huge calorie deficit, not feeling hungry and weak.  the intangibles would consist of mental clarity, feeling happy with the achievement, confidence that i have done it (and can do it again, when needed), complacency that the 3-day egg fast was not a suffering that i wanted to end quickly, character EQ (not easily tempted by food, both keto and non-keto, during the fast).  autophagy or deep cellular cleansing is another intangible NSV i achieved, but it isn’t the result of the egg fast, but of the accompanying 18-6 IF.

so, how much weight did i lose during my 3-day egg fast??

8 lbs — from 199 to 191. 👌

before and after egg fast

what’s next?  stall (again), at 191 lbs for 20 days or more… then break the stall (again).

#ketoOnAndOnAndOn 👌

january 2018

january 2018 is almost over with a day to go before it completely expires into history.  i haven’t written anything yet.  i had written thoughts on the incoming (new) year for the past years since i began this blog, thestrayschnauzer, but apparently, for this year, i hadn’t.

i was at a small high school reunion last night — only 12 of about 40 old classmates were present.

toast to manolo

we met because one of our classmates based in seattle was here in the country.  we have mini reunions — meet ups — every now and then.  but this one was special because of our balikbayan classmate, manolo (picture below, middle).  it was most special for me because manolo and i last saw each other in 1977… 40 years ago!


me, manolo, & mar — classmates since grade 3 (but probably further).

the reason i am writing my blog now is because manolo reminded me of its existence — he told me he reads my blog.  there!

driving in the streets of metromanila is very stressful.  this is if you are one who stays in your lane, flicks your indicator (signal) light when overtaking, looks in the side mirror if you’ve completely passed the other vehicle before getting back in lane, keeps within speed limit, and drives cautiously and defensively.  people seem to be always racing for time on the streets.  cars and vans, motorcycles and buses — all vehicles — weave left and right in front of me on the wide 6-lane EDSA highway.  it reminded me of what i have wanted to blog about for the new year, 2018.

it’s about the race.  not the human race, but a car race or a horse race — a race to the finish line.  life is a race — a race to the grave.  and the longer you reach the finish line, the better winner you are!  however, in this race, unlike other races where contenders sometimes don’t finish — everybody finishes!  everybody reaches the finish line — the grave.

this is very sobering.

so when we are at our best, when our intellectual faculties are functioning above our bestial appetites, we do everything in our powers to prolong our appointment with the grave — we take care of our bodily health.  and the number one way to do so is by attempting to go on a diet and lose all those unwanted and heart-risk-increasing poundage.

the best thing that happened to me last year, 2017, by far, is when i learned of and went on the ketogenic diet.  this is 2017 for me — keto (ketogenic) WOE (way of eating).  this was everything on my mind last year — or, at least, the last quarter.  losing 30 lbs in 3 months is great news, as far as bodily health is concerned.  blood works coming in all normal is good news.


that, my friends, in toto, is 2017 — a radical way of eating and a huge amount of weight lost, a normal blood panel, and getting a new handle on bodily health.

i have no new year’s resolution, as i have had before — but a new year’s target: to reach 190 lbs with normal blood pressure through keto WOE.

happy new year!  and kung hei fat choi to my dear chinese friends on feb.16.

ketocayo: my first 24-hour fast

OMAD — the first time i encountered the term in the fb group, ketogenic ph (where i was recently added by a friend), i commented, “that’s what we called ‘stuff’ back in HS and college!” the OMAD ‘stuff’ i alluded to was… yes, DAMO.  grass.  MJ.


but OMAD in ketogenic jargon stands for One Meal A Day — the practice of the 24-hour fast. in the 24-hour fast, you eat no solids, but may drink plain water, electrolyte water, coffee, tea, and broth.  today was my first time to try OMAD.

i’ve been regular in doing IF (Intermittent Fasting), another concept associated with keto WOE (Way Of Eating).  (jargon is social currency.  use it to blend in and not be seen or regarded as an outsider.)  i was already practicing a 16-8 IF, before i tried the 24-hour.

16-8 is a 16-hour fast, alternated by an 8-hour loading (eating) window.  during my 16-8 IF, i ate only two meals.  i coined my own term for it — TaMAD (Two Meals A Day).  there is no rule how many meals you can have during the 8-hour loading window — i can only handle two.  so i’ve been doing the 16-8 TaMAD (about 3 weeks) before i tried the 24-hour fast, OMAD.

the 24-hour fast.  the 24-hour ketogenic fast started 2 pm, saturday.  my family was in barrio fiesta celebrating the graduation of my youngest daughter.  order was crispy pata and kare-kare combo, with additional sinampalukang manok and inihaw na liempo.  gorged myself on my favourite knuckles, ligaments and tendons, with some pata meat.  had a couple of cuts of tuwalya (ox tripe) and laman from the kare-kare, of course, with bagoong alamang, with a bite of two of the scanty veggies that went with it.  had a bite or two of inihaw na liempo.  sipped sinampalukan soup and had the behind part of the chicken.


an hour and a half stroll at the mall and an hour travel back home. 


then i went for my (un)usual run (at 7 pm), a 40-minute slow jog.  pulse rate was 136 bpm.  i used to run late afternoon around 5 pm.  but when i heard of the ‘fasted run’ i began changing my running program.  i started running in the morning around 6 am.  done it twice already.  the 7 pm run was an alternative to the next morning’s ‘fasted run’.

usual tidying up of the house for the rest of the evening.  late into the night until the wee hours of the morning was spent devouring stuff on hydration, electrolytes, keto flu, etc., from articles, a video, and discussions on various threads in ketogenic ph fb page.  (learning a lot of valuable — crucial — information from the fb group!)  over a cup of BPC.

and as a result of new information gleaned from the evening’s harvest, i took two dashes of himalayan salt orally, to spike my sodium levels — i was feeling kind-a lightheaded and dizzy, and based on my research, there was a good probability that i was experiencing ‘keto flu’ caused by a deficiency in sodium, potassium, or magnesium.

sunday.  i had my morning BPC, with knorr beef broth.  the knorr beef broth (while i haven’t made my own bone broth yet) is also the result of hours of brow-burning about electrolytes and keto flu the night before.  then off to church with my wife, jane, and middle daughter, jikki (who i will soon add to the fb group.)  then back home lunchtime.

broke the fast about 1:30 pm, less than 24 hours.


by not completing the 24 hours — did i break the law?  nah!

enjoy KETO WOE.  😋😋


keto: LCHF diet (part 2)

one hard fact of life: to admit you are OBESE.  i am obese, by BMI standards.

i began keto (ketogenic), the low-carb, high-fat, minimal protein (LCHF) diet weighing 235 lbs. with a BMI of 34.7, (it was quite liberating to admit squarely that i am obese).  i had a very good excuse and a license to keep my pot belly — my year-old grandson loved to sit on it when i carry him.  having a pot belly (i duped myself into believing) was a grand dad’s special privilege!

after six weeks into keto, i lost 7 lbs. and now weigh only 228 lbs. with a BMI of 33.7.  it might not be a huge weight loss, but “7 lbs. is 7 lbs.” (according to a doctor-friend that i consult).  and it’s 7 lbs. lost.

i recently suffered a big setback — my allergic cough kicked in.  i wasn’t able to run and do my core strengthening exercises for ten days, these past 10 days.  i have a feeling this had a slight effect on the outcome of my blood chemistry, and (probably) my blood pressure (BP).

i promised myself in keto: LCHF diet (part 1) that i would have my BP checked and get a blood test.  i have done that.  i also promised to undergo a (treadmill) stress test and see my cardiologist.  i haven’t done that, but will do so later.

“i made myself a promise to have my blood pressure checked, to get a blood test for cholesterol, triglycerides, etc… and (if necessary) another one for ketones.  i also need to undergo a (treadmill) stress test, and see my cardiologist.”


apparently, my BP is still high (in the ‘red zone’).  i hope this lowers down in the next six weeks, when i resume my running program.


thankfully, all numbers in my blood chemistry are within range, except for HDL which is slightly below the minimum.  if i had continued with my running and strengthening program, and had not stopped because of my allergic cough, i suppose my HDL and LDL numbers would have reflected better results.  this is according to webMD:

“Increase HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels and decrease LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by getting regular aerobic exerciseExercise also helps relax blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.”

the only problem was i did not get baseline numbers before i went into keto for comparison — to know if my lipid profile improved or what.  i went into keto blind, without any baseline stats.  bloops!  anyway, now i have the numbers to compare with the results of my blood test after six more weeks.


it was quite unfortunate that the season for avocado in the philippines (normally from may to september) had already passed before i went into the keto diet.  avocados would have been my best source of good fats, and i love avocados.

my high-fat diet now mainly consists of pork fats, morning and evening doses of VCO (virgin coconut oil), morning and evening bulletproof coffee, and coconut cream based sardines or mackerel.  once-a-week we have salmon (head or belly).  i snack on roasted almonds and (sometimes) peanuts.  i eat lots of vegetables — dark green leafies, especially.  i also practice an eight- to twelve-hour intermittent fasting (IF) regularly; and a high-carb ‘cheat day’ to correct any possible incipient hormonal imbalance.

i have lost at least 7 lbs. doing keto.  i hope to lose more weight in the next six weeks, ending my 12-week keto LCHF program on december 5.  by that time, i expect my BMI to lower, my BP to lower, my total cholesterol to lower, my HDL to go higher and my LDL to lower; and my belly to become flatter for my “after” picture — for ‘keto: LCHF diet (part 3).

i am not hard core… just a street rat.  😋😋



keto: LCHF diet (part 1)

i am now two weeks into the ketogenic diet (keto), the high-fat, medium-protein, low-carbohydrate (LCHF) diet. 

doing keto primarily for weight loss, but underneath that, to regain my physical fitness.  my BMI (body mass index) places me in the category of ‘obese’ — not simply ‘overweight’ but ‘OBESE’.  my height – 175 cms: my weight – 235 lbs.  an online BMI calculator does the math, if you are interested to know your BMI.

i’ve heard it before — i couldn’t believe it nor think it possible — to limit daily carbohydrate consumption to (an average of) 20 grams.  that would be equivalent to 1/2 cup of rice (or less) in a day — impossible!  but 2 weeks now into keto, i haven’t touched rice, except for a tablespoon or two one night. 

no bread, no potatoes, no noodles, no ice cream, no sweets, and no potato chips or corn chips.  none: total abstinence.  rice, for a filipino like me, is gospel truth — i am now one heretic!

on a macro perspective, your daily food intake must consist of 70% fat, 20% protein, and only 10% carbohydrates.  it isn’t easy to wrap your head around those numbers, especially when number crunching time comes and you try to compute the nutritional information (if available, otherwise consult your online keto references) pertaining to fats, proteins, net carbs… and total calories of all the food you eat in one meal or for the whole day.  not for the faint-hearted!

however, if you are a street rat like me, you’d settle for a wholesale approach to your macros.  consume mostly fats (good fats are best), a little protein, and very minimal carbs.  there’s no stopping me from eating my veggies, but i opt for green leafies and high-fibers with low net carbs (consult your online keto references).

two weeks into the keto diet, here are some general observations i’ve made: 

first few days, the bloating (i always felt bloated) in my belly subsided.  but it wasn’t just my own feeling, my daughter made the observation that my belly no longer appears distended.

i don’t feel hungry and crave for something to eat as i did before — any time of the day.  whenever i got hungry (before) i would pop two to three slices of bread in the oven toaster and smother them with butter, to satisfy the craving; or dig in a bag of corn chips late at night doing work on my computer terminal.  now, i just drink water, bulletproof coffee (black coffee w/1 tbsp butter), or bulletproof turmeric milk (in my case, it’s 1 cup diluted coconut cream w/1 tsp turmeric powder).

not eating carbs (observing the carb limit strictly) did not make me feel weak.  i have a good level of energy.  on my 2nd week, i resumed my afternoon jog.  going into my third week (presently) i started doing planks and core strengthening exercises.  i follow the 12-16 hour cleansing (nighttime fasting) and 8-12 hour building (daytime eating) cycle.  this means that if my last meal was 8 pm, the next meal will be from 8 am to 12 pm.

last observation, for now — my belt has adjusted one hole tighter and a shirt i couldn’t fit in before, i could fit in now (but my belly still bulges a bit).  but, on a similar practical note, for after the next two weeks, i need to fit into my size 36 pants comfortably (i now wear size 38 pants).

i made myself a promise to have my blood pressure checked, to get a blood test for cholesterol, triglycerides, etc… and (if necessary) another one for ketones.  i also need to undergo a (treadmill) stress test, and see my cardiologist.  didn’t have the guts to do it before i went into keto, but i owe it to myself and my family to have the tests done and see my doctor after 4 weeks or so.

i took a “before” picture when i started on keto and recorded my weight.  i will be taking an “after” picture on the 45th and 90th day.  this will be for proper documentation (part 2).