Ancient Stone Tablets Unearthed

Archeologists recently unearthed two tablets of stone believed to be written by Divine fingers.  They were discovered in caves near the Old Sea.

According to the inscriptions found at the top, which appear to be the Preface to the whole document, what it contains are eternal moral commandments: “These 9 Commandments — not 10 — are the Eternal, Moral Law.  They are binding on all mankind, past, present, future; Jews or Gentiles; saved or unsaved.”

AC Entolay, a leading expert on The Law, underscored how important this new discovery is, and what implications it carries:

“This is of utmost importance,” he said, “because these freshly discovered tablets of stone establishes what we have only been theorizing for centuries, ie, that The Decalogue is still binding… all 9 of them.”

There are those who believe that the Ten Commandments given by Yahweh to Moses on Mt.Sinai are binding on all men.  These are the Covenant Men.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that the Ten Commandments have been abolished and is now obsolete — Christ putting an end to it.  These are the New Covenant Men.

The discovery of these two tablets of stone containing only 9 Commandments is now shaking the foundations of both the Covenant Men and the New Covenant Men.

A spokesman of the New Covenant Men, GG Dumps, commented, “We were all caught with our pants down!  We have to give this a new name.”

RS Giffer, who has seen the new discovery, made this observation, “Upon close inspection, it appears that the tablets of stone have been glued together.  They may well be the original document that Moses broke, which was written by the finger of God, but has carefully been put together without the missing pieces.”

According to RS Giffer, the Preface appears to be a recent addition: “The first tablet was obviously missing major chunks.  No.4 was nowhere to be found, ie, the inscriptions only had 1, 2, 3, & 5.  The Preface was obviously written over the original, probably when the tablets underwent repair.”  It takes exceptional skill to put a spin on a very old artifact and make it universally applicable.

But, it might take time before the air clears and the dust settles on this latest pieced-together artifact.  One question, however, looms regarding the broken pieces: Will they find the rest?